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Penelope Korff is a multidisciplinary designer whose skill, talent, and good business sense have led to her successful 15+ year career as a self-employed graphic designer. She enjoys coming up with fresh ideas to solve marketing problems, conjoining artistic sensibilities and business acumen to best help her clients communicate.

Penelope began her career at the Massachusetts College of Art, completing her studies in Graphic Design while continuing to work full time as an Advertising Production Manager. Prior to that, she was a U.S. Army Officer.

Immediately after completing her schooling, she began a design career that would span two decades. 

Penelope looks forward to discussing your design and communications needs with you.

Penelope was the Creative Director for Gourmet Business, an online B2B magazine, and all of it's affiliate publications, from it's inception in 2010 until 2015. She designed and published well over 200 issues across 5 titles, in addition to designing all market, branding, trade show and other collateral materials. 

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